One of the your signature services is the collection, analysis, and use of regional data to drive economic reforms. With Strategic Compass, these services can be made easier and more comprehensive, providing data technically available but never easily accessible. With WIN, you will be able to compile data which allow agencies to:

  • Easily review the current and projected job market in any industry or geographic area, with filters for entry-level and higher-skilled jobs.
  • View the foundational skills required for different careers, the various career pathways and educational-certification requirements, and other relevant data which contribute to exciting, motivating, and “within-reach” career plans.

Strategic Compass can provide a major infusion of information to support ongoing partnerships between business/industry and education. WIN shares your intent and vision. WIN’s own mission statement reflects this common ground—that “every community has the capacity to develop the current and emerging workforce necessary to retain, recruit, and grow jobs leading to individual and regional economic prosperity.” With this shared commitment, you will have have a strong foundation on which to build a partnership that makes the future brighter.


Career Readiness


The WIN Career Readiness Courseware provides instruction and practice allowing learners to become trainable for current and emerging jobs in the workplace. WIN Learning teaches employability skills and social skills in a career context giving job seekers the confidence to improve their lives, realize goals and obtain employment while meeting the needs of todays employers.

  • Instructional courseware in work-related, applied context
  • Sound instructional design to ensure concept mastery not just test prep
  • Pre-tests, instruction and post-tests
  • Individualized, self-paced
  • 120 hours of curriculum
  • Natural voice audio
  • Exclusive provider of online Spanish translated courseware (AM, LI & RI)


Skills Review


Well-developed assessments assure precise skills-based placements allowing learners to be challenged, but not frustrated by work for which they are not yet ready. Once entered into their correct learning level, learners progress at their own pace.

  • "Designed to measure an individual’s mastery level of foundational skills ..."
  • Focuses on the core communication, reasoning and problem-solving skills required for most jobs today from entry level to professional
  • English, Spanish, Creole, Russian and Vietnamese
  • Estimate 1 million completers in 2011-2012
  • Three core skills:
    1. Applied Mathematics
    2. Reading for Information
    3. Locating Information
  • Results reported to learner in "real time"
  • Process repeats for each skill


Soft Skills


Behavioral and attitudinal values (the employer’s perspective on work values) are provided in the WIN Soft Skills Series. This curriculum, paired with Career Readiness Courseware, looks at the skills specifically needed and valued by businesses.

  • "Soft skills" are must have job requirements for every worker from entry level to professional.
  • Strong soft skills give jobseekers a competitive edge, skills with real "market value"
  • Employers today rate soft skills as "most important"
  • 4 online training modules:
    1. Conveying Professionalism
    2. Communicating Effectively
    3. Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration
    4. Thinking Critically and Solving Problems
  • Embedded pre-test and post-test for each module
  • Embedded "learner interactions" and video-based scenarios within each module
  • Scalable, self-directed
  • Reporting tools
  • 4 Supplemental Instructional Units:
    1. Conveying Professionalism
    2. Communicating Effectively
    3. Promoting Teamwork and Collaboration
    4. Thinking Critically and Solving Problems
  • 18 integrated Formative Assessments for each unit
  • 1 Project-Based Learning Activity for each unit
  • 1 Summative Assessment for each unit
  • Final Capstone Project
  • Facilitator Guide


Strategic Compass


Web-based data-rich career exploration system that creates a clear picture of the realities of the workplace. By effectively creating a continuum between education and the workplace through real-time labor market information, WIN Strategic Compass has become one of the most exciting tools available today for educational reform in US.


The WIN Strategic Compass is a web-based tool for assessing and aligning workforce indicators with state and regional economic trends by providing one-stop access to economic trend data, education and workforce data and gap analyses between workforce supply and demand. The WIN Strategic Compass provides a comprehensive look at the characteristics, skill requirements and current and projected supply and demand for occupations at the state and substate levels. The WIN Strategic Compass identifies the current and future gaps between the skills of the incumbent/emerging workforce and the skills demanded by the regional industries to analyze what the skill needs are in the shortterm as well as to prepare for the future.