Georgia – 2012

The Georgia Governor’s Office of Workforce Development replicated the GoBuild Alabama project and then expanded it to include other occupations besides the original 112 targeted skilled construction trades. In the first three months of the project, over 775 accounts have been created, without the benefit of significant marketing efforts, which will begin in April, 2012.



Indiana – 2011

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development makes the WIN Career Readiness Courseware available to adult learners and dislocated workers through its Career OneStops and community colleges. In the first six months of the project, 13,600 learners have logged over 21,000 hours in the courseware.



West Virginia – 2011

The West Virginia Department of Education implemented four key components of the WIN Career Readiness System. MyStrategic Compass is available to every middle and high school student in the state. All CTE students complete career exploration activities, identify target occupations and build individual skills-based career development plans. The skills needed to perform the target occupations are developed via the WIN Career Readiness Courseware. Districts and state offices use the WIN Strategic Compass to evaluate the activity of students in the myStrategic Compass site and to align that data with key economic indicators. WIN Professional Services provided trainiing in the administration of the system to over 600 teachers. In the first 4 months of the project, over 11,500 learners have logged time in the system, and scores on state-mandated workforce credential testing have improved significantly.



Kentucky – 2011

An Investing in Innovation Grant made all five key components of the WIN Career Readiness System available to Kentucky students. The WIN Strategic Compass, WIN myStrategic Compass, WIN Career Readiness Courseware, WIN Soft Skills Courseware and WIN Professional Services are available to over 60,000 students in the project area.



Republic of Palau – 2011

The WIN Career Readiness Courseware was implemented through the Ministry of Education at every high school in the Republic. Every teacher was trained in the management of the WIN system. Due to limited bandwidth on the island, a localized version of the WIN Career Readiness Courseware was deployed, bringing the value of a career-driven edcuation model to students in even the most remote areas of the island.



Alabama – 2010

The GoBuild Alabama campaign is an innovative, successful approach to targeted workforce development for the Construction industry. A customized version of the WIN Strategic Compass provides detailed occupational profiles, education and training options and profilers that help students and jobseekers match career paths to interests, skills and work values. To date, over 5,000 users have registered for accounts that connect them to training and education providers. 43,000+ occupational profiles have been viewed.



South Carolina – 2008

A custom workforce portal directs jobseekers and students from every corner of the state to the WIN Career Readiness Courseware, where 87,000 learners have accessed over 150,000 hours of instruction.



Florida – 2007

In Florida, high school juniors and seniors have the option of pursuing a Florida Ready to Work seal on their diplomas. These seals validate the graduate’s mastery of the core employability skills taught in the WIN Career Readiness Courseware. Every applicant for Unemployment Compensation, as part of the application process, completes the WIN Initial Skills Review, a brief assessment of the individual’s core employability skills. These individuals then have the option of improving mastery of those skills by accessing the WIN Career Readiness Courseware at no charge. To date, over 500,000 assessments have been adminstered, and over 104,000 credentials have been awarded.400+ employers now request, require or recognize the Florida Ready to Work Credential in their hiring processes.