Worldwide Interactive Network, Inc. (WIN) offers a wide array of e-learning solutions for education, workforce development, economic development, learning management and Career Readiness.


Worldwide Interactive Network, Inc.was established in 1996, with a vision to create and integrate learning technologies for enhanced educational opportunities in America and throughout the world. WIN became a company whose applications enable life-learning for business and education via web-based technologies.


Focused on solutions for delivering skills-based training and learning success for all individuals, and to provide organizations and businesses with state-of-the-art knowledge management, WIN offers a complete line of learning management solutions encompassing career resources, development tools, learner profiles, and courseware for corporate and educational organizations.

In doing so, WIN has revolutionized the concept of interactive curricula with applications targeting critical career and life skills via print, LAN, and online delivery.


In the past twelve years, WIN has benchmarked key products that facilitate student involvement in innovative learning. To initiate success in educational and career development and learning systems management, WIN programs have been developed for 28 statewide initiatives in United States. Among these states, WIN products have been used in countless areas of workforce and economic development including adult education programs, workforce service centers, k-12 school systems, teacher pre-certification and NCLB compliance.


WIN is the publisher of the WIN Courseware, a program designed to deliver skills-based training for tomorrow’s workforce, today! Based on ACT, Inc.’s WorkKeys® system, the WIN Courseware is used to prepare individuals to be successful in the 21st Century job market. Appropriate for K-12 and post-secondary education, adult education, workforce development and basic skills training, the WIN Courseware prepares citizens in the workforce and students entering the workforce with the skills needed for achievement in their career. WIN is the national leader in courseware based on the ACT, Inc. WorkKeys® employment system.





With an experience of over 15 years in areas of learning,skills, employability and career preparedness, WIN is determined to make a contribution to the skills, vocational and employability eco-system in India through its products and solutions.


Our products and solutions have been used across many states in United States and offer the flexibility to be customised to the local context.


With our expertise in understanding and building learning solutions for the complete value chain across skills, vocational and employability domains, we are well equipped to execute projects and map it to the local needs and audience.  Our products and services cater to the following audience

Our products and services cater to the following audience

  • Government agencies and bodies engaged in Skill Development,Employability and Vocational Education
  • Skills And Vocational Training Providers.
  • Technical Training Agencies And Providers.
  • Educational Institutes(Universities,Colleges and Schools)
  • Industry And Corporates(Human Resources and Skills)
  • Organisations engaged in Career and Workforce development